From Birdcage Veiled Editorials to Preppy Suburb Snaps

 - Jul 25, 2012
While this brimmed headwear may be considered granny-chic, these visor-donning photoshoots prove this peaked hat has a place in high fashion.

Coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, the visor is a peculiar hat worn most prominently on the golf course and the tennis court. Its characteristic open-top design prevents hat hair and bears added air circulation, which is why perhaps this old school cap has a soft spot amongst fashionistas. Whether you like yours colorful and plastic or statement-worthy and neutral, the brimmed bonnet keeps your eyes shielded and your head feeling breezy.

This fashion-forward look is no longer restricted to just sporting events. Providing the perfect mix of sporty and sophisticated, these visor-donning photoshoots capture the old school attitude of this love-hate accessory.