The Interview Germany May 2012 Kass Photos Feature Vivid Accessories

The Interview Germany May 2012 'Tuesday in Paris' photoshoot displays the boundless talent of Estonian model Carmen Kass. The series is far from the typical display of fashion, instead opting for technicolor light schemes and a barren wooden backdrop. The day-go visors and chunky metallic neck jewelry chosen for the photoshoot exude an otherworldly vibe, reminiscent of posh 1970s retro parties.

The Tuesday in Paris snapshots were taken by photographer Txema Yeste. The eccentric pieces sported by Kass were selected by stylist Klaus Stockhausen. The atypical allure of the images is further exacerbated here by a smoking Kass, releasing puffs of air in the same effortless manner that characterizes the bulk of her artistic work.