From Underwear Ads to Party Duds

 - Aug 6, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Victoria Beckham has transformed herself from 1/5th of a girl group to 1/2 of a powerhouse celebrity couple and her style has become more enviable through the transition.

Though Victoria Beckham started her career yelling “Girl Power” and wearing perhaps a bit too much glitter, she's now known for her fashions--and here's 13 reasons why!

Implications - People like Victoria Beckham are less like celebrities and more like cultural forces that millions of consumers often take their aesthetic, professional and even social cues from. The biggest impact that an icon like Victoria has, however, is in the fashion world. Once someone becomes seen as a paragon of style, her choices are bound to influence the course and direction of the future of that industry which means that keeping an eye on them is a smart move for businesses.