- Sep 14, 2009   Updated: Aug 15 2011
Vibrant colors are everywhere this season. Radiant reds, vivid blues, zesty yellows and other dynamic hues are saturating runways and magazines, breathing some life into dreary fall fashions. Luminous pigmentation isn't relegated to just clothing either; make-up, hair-color and shoes in all the shades of the rainbow are encouragingly on offer. Photographers are even getting in on the action using filtered lenses to add vibrant colors to what might otherwise be chromatically-dull editorials.

Implications - The mass integration of post-production software in photography has caused consumers to revert back to the most basic forms of visual stimulation. That being said, solid, bright colors are making a comeback in the art world and are quickly replacing surrealist imagery as the preferred choice on part of consumers.

Vibrant Hues are Electrifying the Masses this Season: