- Feb 15, 2013
Loosing your spot while reading can be a frustrating thing, which is why bookmarks are a handy dandy way to conveniently remember where you left off, and these unusual bookmark designs are a inventive way to get creative with your reading accessories.

While traditionally bookmarks were created with the purpose of providing a way to hold your place in a book, nowadays these page holders have become a great way to showcase your individual style and taste. From bookmarks that resemble zombie creatures to ones that are fantastic structural designs, these one-of-a-kind creations are not only practical, but are also creatively stylish.

Why go for a plain old run-of-the-mill page holder when you can have one of these eclectic and unusual bookmarks? They will certainly be a great conversation starter the next time you're out and about reading your books.

From Terrific Tent-Like Bookmarks to Zombie Appendage Bookmarks: