Jungle Bookmarks are Nature and Imagination Escaping Hardcovers

 - Aug 10, 2012
References: dcell.co.kr & notcot.org
How could you resist these endearing Jungle Bookmarks in favor of using Post-It notes and old receipts as page markers? Sure, the former two alternatives might be more or less free, but they lack the imaginative quality that draws people to books in the first place.

The adorable DCell-made items are manufactured from a fine, flexible and extremely strong metal SK5 so that an accidental brush against your bookcase won't result in broken beasts. They're precision cut into a variety of different animal shapes including squirrels, birds and chimpanzees in an assortment of six colors. The Jungle Bookmarks are lovely silhouettes with long hooks that nestle in between the leaves of your volumes with the cute creatures hanging out over the spines.