Detelina Bookmarks Sprout Exquisitely from the Leaves of Your Novel

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: studiomacura & mocoloco
Sticky notes, old receipts and paperclips make passable page markers, but printed sources of imaginative entertainment deserve to be decorated with items as beautiful as Detelina bookmarks. Modeled on the iconic forms of three- and four-leaf clovers, this collection of cute little clips garnishes your hardcovers the way their contents embellish your thoughts.

Marko Macura makes these absolutely exquisite reading accessories from thick laser-cut paper and etched sheet metal, with techniques that carefully create the curving shapes of lobed leaves, called detelina in Serbian. They germinate from elegant stems with roots that pin securely to the pages of your current novel.

The intricate Detelina bookmarks come in several colors and with varying numbers of offshoots. To breathe further life into the lovely organic inserts, one can lightly fold the foliage into the third dimension.