From Sperm Facials to Vampire Skin Treatments

 - Mar 16, 2012
The battle for beauty is one that has raged on for centuries, with both men and women seeking unconventional skincare methods to preserve youth. This is especially important in today's image-obsessed society, with demand for plastic surgery and cure-all beauty treatments higher than ever.

This high demand has resulted in some of the strangest skin-saving methods, including sperm facials, gilded skincare lines and blood-based face creams. Though drastic, these unconventional skincare methods are not all about the extremes of youth preservation; releases such as glow-in-dark makeup and designer facial branding keep the element of fun alive in the cosmetics industry.

Though some may want to stray from these odd beauty tactics, others will be thrilled to learn that the cosmetics industry continues to evolve in the most radical ways.