Skin Inc. Serums are Mixed & Matched for Customized Skin Care

 - Oct 1, 2009
References: & luxury-insider
It’s cocktail hour and you’re heading to the bar—except, it’s not an alcoholic beverage you’re after, it’s the Skin Inc. serums.

Skin Inc., founded by Singaporean entrepreneur Sabrina Tan, is the first skin supplement bar, offering serums that are unique and customized to pamper your skin. The Skin Inc. serums are skin-saving potions that are mixed and matched according to your skin type.

The Luxury Insider explains, "This patented technology keeps the active ingredients in each serum enclosed in moisture-rich seaweed capsules suspended in a clear water-based, paraben-free solution… Over 200 different combinations can be whipped up to create a special blend just to the taste of your skin."