From Elegant Ledge Stands to Bicycle Pod Showers

 - May 26, 2012
Bike racks are so old school, as there are now more safe, space-saving and design-conscious ways to put away one's bike, as seen with these odd cycle storage solutions.

Perhaps the idea of a bike being propped against a metal bar is too outdated for some, as this eco-friendly means of transportation is receiving an upscaled selection of storage solutions. An example of this is evidenced by ascending storage methods, where bikes are fastened onto a ferris wheel contraption that is situated between buildings to save space and grant passersby a little eye candy. Another solution is to incorporate a bike into one's home furnishing (as added decoration). There are a slew of ledges that allow bikes to be elevated and displayed on a wall.

Hopefully the growing array of stashing possibilities will encourage the public to bike around more, so as to take advantage of this creative string of opportunities.