The Manifesto Bike Hanger Keeps Your Ride From Reaching Thieves

 - Apr 11, 2011
References: mfarch & archdaily
The South Korean capital city is big into bicycles, and the clever Manifesto Bike Hanger has come straight off of the shortlist for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010. The Ferris wheel-style contraption is an ingenious solution for two-wheeler storage in a dense urban environment, and offers a convenient way to stash your cycle stories up from the harm of thieving hands.

A totally man-powered mechanism, the unique bike-lock system was designed by Manifesto Architecture to act also as a resourceful way to use the neglected spaces of metropolitan block alleyways. The concept shows the contrivance installed vertically up the side of buildings, capable of holding up to 36 bicycles.

Some of the key features of the Manifesto Bike Hanger include its $15-per-year maintenance fees, foot-pedal operation and the ability to free up sidewalk space.