From Twisted Lucite Jewelry to Crystal Clear Purses

 - Jul 15, 2012
There is nothing to hide with these transparent fashion accessories. There seems to be a common theme of see-through or transparency in fashion, echoed in these fabulous finds. These transparent trimmings are all the rage of runways, fashion blogs and, most importantly, the streets. From classy Danish shades to twisted lucite jewelry, despite being clear these finds have the ability to catch any eye.

Footwear is the main outlet for designers to harness transparent fashion. Perhaps it is because a pair of see-through high heels will make any fashionistas feel like they are wearing real-life Cinderella shoes. But many of these designs go beyond feeling like a princess, such as the electrifying highlighter-hued kicks by Fluo Derby that mix transparency with a flash of neon.

And, if you are not willing to spend money on couture fairytale footwear, there are many alternatives for bringing in a see-through look with DIY tutorials teaching fashionistas how to make crystal clear purses.