Top 30 Backpacks That Are Actually Cool

 - Jun 5, 2008
We know you probably wrote backpacks off as fashion don'ts after middle school, but it's time to reconsider the back-slung bags. A range of designers are bringing them back as alternatives to big, bulky bags, single-shoulder bags, some high tech, some fashionable and others built solely for functionality.

Now that you tote your laptop just about everywhere and have more gadgets than ever, you need to find a back-friendly way to journey from A to B, but without sacrificing style.

This super gallery has it all, from strap-on flight packs to bags that double as bike seats and even ones that massage you.

Still think you're too chic to get geek? We thought that might be the case, which is why we even included a backpack from Prada's latest collection.