- Dec 11, 2006
I've had a thing for BOBLBE-E gear ( since I first saw them in a magazine back in 2000. These somewhat odd looking backpacks are surprisingly comfortable to wear and are a masterpiece of ergonomics and cool design. Originally a Swedish designed backpack, made of similar material to motorbike helmets, they were supposed to be able to protect a notebook computer should the wearer fall over; they were marketed to everyone from adrenalin junkies and bikers to corporate trend setting types and gear heads. I just bought one cos I thought they looked cool. Since then I've been a fan of all Boblbee designed bags and accessories and have been very quick to pick up everything from their camel packs, to bum bags and phone pouches.

Although they seem to have grown in popularity over the years and have featured in various blockbuster movies (Bring it on, Fast & the Furious, Charlies Angels to name a few) I still get weird looks everytime I venture out with it on my back and have people ask me "wtf is that?" There aren't a whole lot of places in Australia that sell them, so I tend to get most of myself online- ironically for a Swedish company, it's actually the Japanese website ( that has all the cool new stuff out.