Backpack Picnic Fridge

 - Mar 14, 2008
References: yankodesign
This "Boxcooler" Backpack Fridge by Sebastian Bertram has you all covered for a little snack and relaxation while hiking or doing some outdoors sports. It even comes with picnic dishes! It can be conveniently carried on the back or you can use the cover hinge as a handle if you prefer to carry it by hand. The carabines on the shoulder cushions are designed to be fixed at the headrests inside a car as to ensure an immovable position during the journey.

The portable fridge uses thermoelectric Peltier elements instead of the traditional “freezer batteries” which defrost after a while. Hence, the food inside stays fresh and cool for a longer time. The storage cell can be reloaded inside the car or at home. Specially designed components include a foldable cup, a knife, spoon and fork that are moulded into the tablet surface for space efficiency.