From Wicked Fairytale Makeovers to Creepy Corpse Dolls

 - Sep 1, 2012
These terrifying Tim Burton inspirations show off the iconic director's favored eerie aesthetic.

Burton has solidly proven himself as a visionary throughout his very long career, and he's one of the most respected names in Hollywood. Always pushing the envelope in terms of directing and animation, fans of all ages relate to the innovative and distinct ways of Burton. From bringing one of the creepiest Batman villains to life to re-inventing Alice in Wonderland, he's broken new ground in terms of cinematic inventiveness. Though he's been at it for so many years already, Burton doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Like many geniuses, the work of Burton cannot be reproduced but is often a source of inspiration for designers and artists. Such a distinct aesthetic can be identified instantly, and is beloved by fans all over the world.