Mindy Doodles Reinvents Beloved Characters with a Darker Edge

Mindy Doodles illustrates in a style that’s evocative of greats like Tim Burton and Yoshitaka Amano. The whimsical yet dark use of water colors and markers looks nearly identical to the two masters’ work. Where Doodles differs from them, however, is that she often renders beloved pop culture characters, giving fans a chance to see their favorites in a more Gothic light.

Among the memorable people Mindy Doodles has drawn include Edward Scissorhands, Batman, the Hulk, Harry Potter and much more. She’s illustrated Edward Scissorhands numerous times and even devoted the month of October to rendering Tim Burton-inspired works after having visited his exhibit. I still can’t get over how similar the two’s style is, though Doodles chooses to remain within the realm of reality more so than her movie-making counterpart.