From Nightmarish Fairy Queen Photos to Fantasy Villain Footwear

 - Feb 17, 2014
As far as Disney villains go, Maleficent is the baddest of the bad, in fact she was ranked #1 in Ultimate Disney's 2004 top 30 Disney Villains countdown.

She is based of the wicked fairy godmother in the original French fable of Sleeping Beauty. In the Disney movie, as in the fairy tale, Maleficent curses Briar Rose after not being invited to attend her royal christening. Wit her green skin, horns and long black cloak, Maleficent has an intriguing look that has inspired many artists to create drawings, drinks, broaches, sculptures, makeup, shoes and photographs, all in her likeness.

As the self-proclaimed mistress of evil, it's intriguing as to why Maleficent has been undergoing a resurgence as of late. One thing is certainly true, I will definitely make sure I invite her to everything my kids involved in. Christening, little league game, Thanksgiving school play, it doesn't matter.