Artist Sashiiko-Anti Gives the Disney Villains a Fashion Boost

These stylish sketches turn all the Disney villains into fashion victims.

Now Cruella Deville is no longer the only well-dressed monster in the children's movies. Artist Sashiiko-Anti redesigns Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Governor Ratcliffe, Mother Gothel, Evil Queen, Cruella Deville and Yzma. She also redoes Hades, Maleficent, Jafar, Frollo, Gaston, Shan Yu and Dr. Facilier.

To make the fashions flow more, any of the Disney villains that were men in the movies are changed into women. The redesigns focus on taking elements from the character's original costumes and making them more modern and fashionable. Most of the outfits are very extreme and high-concept; the kind you would see on a runway. See if you can guess which style sketch is representative of which villain.