35 Traveling Tips For The Amazing Race Contestants

 - Sep 29, 2008
One of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race, just premiered its 13th installment on CBS. The eleven teams of 22 lucky contestants in The Amazing Race will not only be competing for the ultimate $1 million cash prize, but will also get to travel to many countries, experience different cultures, and participate in numerous adventures that any travel or thrill seeker would die for.

The Amazing Race 13 is reported to have traveled over 30,000 miles in 23 days, spanning five continents and visiting countries such as Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Russia, India, and Cambodia. 

In celebration of The Amazing Race 13 and its hectic traveling concept, I collected 36 traveling posts from Trend Hunter’s vast library of over 25,000 micro trends.

I am sure the contestants on The Amazing Race would love to have the luxury of the iCase iPod traveling case, the airport capsule to take some rest, and Bianca’s 10 airport celebrity fashions to travel in style.

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