Elite Traveler's Top 101

$30,000 USD can go a long way - but when it comes to hotels, it could be gone in a night. 

Meet the Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Season’s New York property.  4,300 square feet of pure luxury await you at the top of the hotel - the suite covers the entire floor.  360 degree views of Manhattan.  A private elevator.  This nine-room suite, which is featured in the first six images, is just one of the 101 suites recommended by Elite 101 in their July/August issue.

Crossing the pond, Le Meurice in Paris offers its Belle Etoile suite - with a decent size of 2,250 square feet.  The best part?  The private landscaped terrace is 3,200 square feet, and offers views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.  Getting worried about the price?  Compared to the Ty Warner Penthouse, it’s a bargain at only $18,000 USD.  Once again, that’s per night.

Finally, meet the Banyan Tree’s property in Sanya, China.  When in town, opt for the Presidential Villa.  7,900 square feet of space are just for you.  Worried about security?  Bullet proof glass is standard, of course.  Bored of roaming the suites 6 bedrooms, media room, and many other facilities?  Venture outdoors to your private garden and full-sized swimming pool.  Just don’t forget to pay the bill - $19,700 per night.