Fit for Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern

 - Oct 6, 2008
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky have already gotten married, but we wish they’d consulted this list of top wedding venues before they’d tied the knot. To be sure, Le Cirque in New York City has been the premier power spot for over twenty years, but… it’s a restaurant. An internationally famous shock jock and a model deserve a bit better in my book.

Beth Ostrosky is a vegetarian and an animal activist. Although the menu Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern chose was animal-friendly, why not up the ante and wed at an eco-friendly hotel in Cambodia?

Bride-to-be Beth Ostrosky also wanted the room on her wedding day to be romantic. The decor included a giant tree wrapped in 2,000 weeping willows and a chandelier of 3,000 white orchids. Bringing country landscapes to the city, Beth Ostrosky, is certainly beautiful, but transporting that decor is a considerable fuel expenditure. Why not just head to upstate New York?

These 15 wedding venues run from eco-friendly to downright silly. Should Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern ever renew their vows, let’s hope they consult this list first.