Richlee Travel Case

 - Feb 15, 2008
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Hey Miss World Traveler, what do you carry your toiletries in? A cloth bag that gets ruined by exploding shampoos? Several different pouches to hold all your contents? Ziplock bags? Forget all that, and don't listen to what your man says about packing light. The Richlee Travel Case is big on style, practicality and in size. Never leave your perfume, lotion, shampoo or hair styling essentials at home again, you know the mini hotel bottle just won't do!

The cute cases are the type you actually want to show off as carry on or wouldn't be opposed to having exposed if your luggage is checked through.

Back in the day, jet set women used to carry their cosmetics and toiletries in plastic cases, often in eye catching colours or patterns. It was a status symbol, it was a statement, it was in a sense, just like carrying an additional handbag to show off your style savvy.

Ready to introduce your inner Jackie-O to 2008? Choose between Richlee's delicious chocolate brown and frosting pink travel case for a youthful chic look or go all-black for ultra sophistication. Both come with cute details like the jeweled Richlee tiara zipper pulls.

You'll never have to leave your home again without any of your favourite primping goods; the case is about the size of a picnic cooler, yet fits so much more than you can imagine. Just keep on stuffing stuff in, and surprisingly, it still zips shut! It's big enough to fit all your vitamins, full sized shampoo and conditioner, even your blow dryer!

Each bag also comes with a matching Richlee Makeup & Accessory Case so you can grab the mini bag for those shorter excursions.

The founder, Shannon R. Green, named the company after her late brother, Richard Lee Green and father who had the same name. She donates a portion of all Richlee Bags sold to surviving children of suicide victims.

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