GPS & DHL Art is World's Biggest Drawing

What a brilliant use of technology to create unique art! Erik Nordenankar devised a genius plan to create the Biggest Drawing In The World by tracking the movement of a GPS briefcase traveling the globe via DHL according to a carefully studied and specific route. According to Nordenankar, the briefcase became his pen and the world his paper. The projected image? A self portrait!

It started in Stockholm on March 17 when he sent the GPS enabled briefcase with DHL, an express transportation service. The detailed instruction included a complete route of cities to go to in a specific order. The briefcase returned back to Stockholm after 55 days.

The journey details which was automatically recorded on the GPS device was then downloaded into a computer where it was drawn with a single stroke. This giant 110,664 Km long single stroke passed through six continents and 62 countries!

Check out the above video detailing the amazing experience and the pictures of the adventurous briefcase and his delivery reports below. Also watch him sketch the intitial portrait over a map of the world to create the traveling instructions here.

Update: Not surprisingly, the whole thing turned out to be a fake hoax, see below.