- Nov 26, 2011
Teen Angst has frequently been featured in fashion. Loitering youths, grungy fashion and waif-thin models have dominated the pages of major magazines. The concept of troubled youth is both disturbing and alluring making for raw and gritty imagery that is honest.

While fashion can often be an unattainable fantasy, troubled youth editorials are filled with captivating imagery that takes risks pushing beauty ideals. Though fashion forward, these shoots are often low key and stripped of the many factors present in high style editorials. Stunning photos are reminiscent of documentary-style, exposes and models are revealed as real people.

An emphasis on flaws and distinctiveness is what makes these pictorials powerful and beautiful. Flaws make us different and individual from those around us and these tumultuous teen angst captures prove that high fashion can be relatable.

Gorgeously Grunge Teen Models to Angry Hipster Editorials: