From Tea Party Couture to Wonderland Baking

 - Mar 24, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
As an avid tea party-goer, the tea party innovations in this cluster certainly rock my world.

If watching Tim Burton's 3D Wonderland didn't quite hit your 'Alice in Wonderland' spot or teatime merrymaking, then checking out these tea party features is your best bet.

From adorning your fingers with miniature tea sets, to having that tea party on-the-go with bottled crazy flavored tea, your thirst for tea party madness will be satisfied.

Implications - You're "guaran-tea'd" to feel like royalty with these elegant tea sets and pieces of dainty decor gracing your table. Bake some scones and break out the fine china, these tea party innovations are sure to inspire you to sip your brews in style.