'Tea Bag Coffin'

 - Nov 30, 2008
References: linkedin & yankodesign
The 'Tea Bag Coffin' by Jonas Trampedach is one of those ingenious designs that you 'get' from the first look.

As any tea lover knows, it is often a hassle to find an appropriate place to put the tea bag to 'rest' when you take it out of the cup. Simply placing it on the cup's plate runs the risk of the liquid dripping and staining your clothes. So what to do?

Mr. Trampedach solves the problem by providing a little carved 'coffin' right in the center of the plate. Whenever you think your tea is strong enough, simply take out the bag, place it in this coffin and you're set to enjoy a good cup of tea. 

Trampedach, who is a student at the Royal College of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark, playfully explains his design: "Where do tea bags go to die?. Usually squashed on the side of the saucer next to the cup, or if you have a little less decorum the table will probably be just fine. Jonas Trampedach has been observing the behaviour of tea drinkers and has evidently been learning a lot. Consequently he has developed a solution to the bag dilemma that is as simple as it is ingenious. With the 'Tea bag Coffin,' the drinker can tidily bury the bag under the cup and out of the way. RIP."