From For-Purpose Creative Services to Change Incubators

 - Jun 13, 2013
From for-purpose creative services to change-making incubators for young people, these talent-oriented social enterprises emphasize the people they have working with and for them as a way to attract people to the organization or brand itself.

You often can't go a week or two without seeing a business blog, and that includes social enterprise blogs, with the topic of "how to find talent" or perhaps even "where is all the talent?" Sometimes, the content is shifted more toward the culture and business itself in that the blog asks how to attract talent to the organization itself. Does the corporate culture attract young people? Is the image fun and opportunity-oriented?

Talent-oriented social enterprises have a wide-ranged definition of what talent is exactly, and some connect it with typical career choices (typical when talking about talent, that is) such as acting and performance.