Deep Dark Africa Creates Simple Fair Trade Home Design

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: deepdarkafrica & facebook
Founded by stylist Alexia Kondylis, Deep Dark Africa is a design company that creates home accessories that are anything but dark. With an eye for everything simple and modern, this chic social business focuses on fair trade practices.

While fair trade, as an industry, has expanded its consumer base and marketing strategies, many people still consider fair trade and "bohemian" as synonymous. However, it's companies like this that showcase how contemporary design, eco-friendliness and people-centric business practices can go hand in hand. Now, this isn't your average IKEA copycat. From cow-print cushions to wooden pedestal bowls, the designs have a quirky character that makes it elegant and humorous. What's more, Deep Dark Africa isn't all about the home design and offers children's trinkets and fashion accessories including earrings and beach bags.

By working with a range of crafters, designers and artisans, Deep Dark Africa wishes to showcase local talent while at the same time expanding the market and create economic empowerment through design. One of the company's overall goals is to close the gap between well-known African artists and lesser-known African artists smaller so that all can benefit from the greater contemporary design market.

According to the Deep Dark Africa website, the name of the business comes from "a time when this unique continent was shrouded in mystery and misunderstood in it's [sic] unknown ways." It's through design that Kondylis hopes to show the beauty of Africa to the world. It's refreshing to see how Deep Dark Africa plays with prior misconceptions that surrounded Africa during colonial times and flips the script to create new meaning.

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