OC Theory Makes a Difference by Funding Small Businesses

 - Nov 24, 2010
References: octheory.org & facebook
OC Theory helps with business techniques and motivational principles in order to see small business succeed. Based on the Obsessed Conviction Theory, which is a tool that draws on motivational, collaborative and entrepreneurial techniques in order to solve problems, OCTheory.org’s virtual no-cost think tank allows lesser-known enterprises to promote inspiring ideas, raise money and hire employees.

For OC Theory, awareness is an essential resource to changing the world. On the OCTheory.org blog, OC Theory quotes the Small Business Administration and states that 66 percent of all good business ideas fail within two years due to a lack of human talent, public awareness and financial capital. Using crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and purpose-driven marketing, OC Theory hopes to solve global problems—one idea at a time.

Company donations made to the registered 501(c)(3) non-profit are all exempt from taxes, due to the social mission of all the projects. From all donations, 10 percent goes to the organization itself (2.2 percent to PayPal and 7.8 percent to OC Theory). OC Theory is currently in its fundraising stage where they wish to raise $9,480 in order to reach the first step of their online incubator stage.

OC Theory also has an "Ideas" section on the blog, which includes inspiring organizations and individuals who started with an idea and turned it into an organization that changes lives.

If you’re passionate about an idea, OC Theory can help you change that idea into a reality by building your resume, gaining experience, raising funds, building a team and raising awareness.

Contact Information:
OC Theory Website
P.O. BOX 493
Orem, Utah
United States
Telephone: 801-687-2324