This Crockery from Bundu Designs is African-Inspired

Taking their cue from the vibrant print fabrics from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these paper mache bowls from Bundu Designs have been created from recycled magazines.

The bowls, which take four hours to make by hand, make a striking statement both visually and socially. The bowls have been handcrafted by a South African organization that runs a number of projects for HIV-positive women and children in Cape Town. Its objective is to make it possible for people with the HIV virus to live a normal life with dignity. Bundu Designs now works with over 25 community-based projects throughout Africa with a focus on design and contemporary products. Bundu Designs is based in Halifax, and has dedicated their business to showcasing the very best of African contemporary talent to North America. The company collaborates with social upliftment organizations to develop products that appeal to an international market, and that translate into sustainable income and employment for artisans.

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