From Euro Cup Cupcakes to Fair Trade Sports Gear

 - Jun 27, 2012
The Euro Cup 2012 is currently all the buzz in the sports world and these super soccer finds will definitely enhance the soccer frenzy.

This collection reveals everything from soccer-inspired shoes, cupcakes, replicated soccer balls made out of wood and more. A big trend right now is soccer balls equipped with solar energy technology. There's even soccer chairs built with a net so you and another opponent can sit comfortably and watch the game while testing out your own soccer skills.

One powerful item is called the 'Soccket' and it's a power generating soccer ball that absorbs energy while being played with; up to 30 minutes of play will power small appliances for roughly three hours. At a time like this when soccer is what everyone is talking about, it would be nice to supply other needy people around the world with the same amount of fun.