- Aug 14, 2011
If you find yourself with deep pockets this season, why not go all out and purchase your very own summer mansion? For those of us with less-than-millionaire salaries, these luxurious beach houses, coastal abodes and summer escapes are something worth working up to.

This season summer mansions seem to be opulent alternative to rustic cottage getaways. While many humble people enjoy a simple getaway up north, I have to admit that in a dream world, I'd gladly take a trip to some of these summer mansions.

Implications - Opulence is back in a big way during the summer season as lavish individuals are eager to show off their bounce back from the recent recession. Companies should be especially considerate of the warmer months, as consumers are more willing to spend excessively on products and services that complement summer holidays.

From a Luxury Desert Oasis to $26 Million Malibu Abodes: