Pacific Environments' Bourke House was Inspired by Tents and Pavilions

Looking at the Bourke House, you'll find yourself intrigued by the poles impaling its roof. A unique and fascinating accent, it was actually inspired by its campsite location. It draws on traditional tent and pavilion designs in which pikes and poles were often generously used.

Designed by Pacific Environments, the Bourke House is actually a cottage home that embodies the idea of long summer getaways. Its airy and open concept design leaves ample room for activities, memories and more. Aside from some quirky details, it's minimalist aesthetic makes it perfect for passing down generation after generation.

A relaxing structure, the Bourke House is also eco-friendly. It relies on solar hot-water, rainwater-recycling and more to function. A happy retreat, the Bourke House is described with the term Aotearoa, "the land of the long white cloud."