From Interplanetary Christmas Socks to Printed Pop Culture Socks

 - Dec 21, 2015
The influx of stylish socks options on the market has reinvented the fashion industry for men. Featured in everything from formalwear to sportswear, socks have become an important accessory for men to add style as well as color and whimsy to any outfit.

Furthermore, innovations in socks have allowed for customizable options, both in size and design. The influx of sock subscription services that have emerged further reinforce how important this once forgotten garment has become among male consumers. Socks have also become an avenue for many men to depict their social currency, through the growing number of pop culture sock designs that range from Star Wars-themed to sports-related -- providing another way for men to fashionably show off their fandoms and allegiances.

With the holidays just a few days away, these stylish sock examples provide the perfect last-minute gift options for any special men in your life.