- Dec 11, 2011
These strange sandwiches are sure to get you drooling in no time. The basic requirements of a sandwich are very simplistic. You need some kind of carb to serve as the top and bottom of this tasty meal, but what comes in between this fabulous frame is completely up to you. The definition of a sandwich is fairly open ended, and the food industry has proven time and again that you can fit just about anything between cookies, buns and bread, so the next time you're whipping up a stacked sandwich feel free to go hog wild.

Whether you're chowing down a powerfully caloric sammie or a strange burger sporting unusual flavor combinations, one things is for sure, you can never accuse this adaptive snack of being boring. From sci-fi send-up sammies to sushi sandwiches, there is no end to the world of possibilities these tasty treats open up.

Sure to raise a few eyebrows and keep your hunger at bay, these strange sandwiches beg to be tasted.

From Creepy Crawly Sammies to Petite Fast Food Pastries: