- Nov 27, 2011
Star Wars gag gifts have been around since the beginning of the ultra popular franchise. Space geeks have marveled at the sci-fi phenomenon for what seems like ages and its popularity is only expanding with its introduction to younger generations.

The feature film series created by George Lucas is one of the most successful money-making franchises around with an endless array of products, parodies and tributes.

From sci-fi gaming gear to transformative apparel, Star Wars is never losing its winning streak among fans. With countless gag gifts available for purchase and with many more to come, fans will never be disappointed. Whether searching for intergalactic condiment containers, storm trooper breath mints or even intergalactic baby slings, the ever-growing fame of the infamous film series has a variety of gag gifts to choose from, pleasing fans of any age.

From Stormtrooper Headphones to Sci-Fi Confections: