Learn the Ways of the Force With the Jedi Path Manual

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: starwars & geekalerts
Statistics have shown that there are many who list their religion as Jedi; therefore, I assume that as a devout follower, these folks have the Jedi Path Manual to consult.

To those who have dreamed of being apprenticed by the likes of Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi, I can't help you achieve that goal, but perhaps the Jedi Path Manual can. This is a how-to guidebook on what it takes to be a warrior of discipline -- that and how to kick ass with a lightsaber. The contents consist of personal notes from Jedi Masters, their secrets, the history and hierarchy of the Order, and much more. The book even comes in an epic case that will protect your manual from the Dark Side as well as other thieving Star Wars fanatics. Read this religiously and, as Yoda would say, learn the ways of the Force, you will.