From Teen-Oriented Crisis Text Lines to Charitable E-Bakeries

 - Aug 15, 2012
Web-driven social innovations have contributed a number of methods by which citizens can get involved in everything from impact investing to projects in their community, as well as providing many options for online networking and education in the social enterprise sector.

Online urban activism platforms like the recently launched Brickstarter or Smallknot, which enables investment in local small businesses, open up opportunities for those interested in contributing to important social issues but unsure how to get involved.

Do Something is a social impact organization working to create a large text-based network of concerned teens to create a service that would connect teens at risk of rape, suicide or self-harm with a specialized crisis counselor through SMS.

In addition to a handful of useful resource networks like seToolbelt, other relevant virtual social innovations include platforms like CharitySub and Bright Funds, which simplify charitable giving by doing the research for you and making it easier to contribute to a variety of organizations for a particular cause.