Good Deeds Global is an Organization That Helps You Pay It Forward

 - May 31, 2012
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"Pay it forward" is an expression that aptly describes Good Deeds Global, an Internet-based social business that operates on the values of generosity, happiness and kindness.

In a day and age of "me, me, me," how would a concept like this work in actuality?

"This effort is ultimately supported by our organization’s various charitable examples of giving, along with our random acts of kindness and generosity towards people everywhere," the organization, which was founded by Corey S. Davis, writes on its website. "The Good Deeds Global team asks for absolutely nothing in return from the people/recipients who are impacted by our many gestures of generosity."

Essentially, the charity-meets-social network is a fresh take on volunteering. Whether it's money, time or a service that you're giving, wanting or lending, it's made easy -- in true clicktivism fashion.

Have you done your good deed for today?

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