Azavea Mobile Applications Work to Build Utopian Societies

"Do well by doing good" is the motto with Azavea mobile applications. This company does all the hard work with geospatial technology to make consumer-friendly applications that will help societies cultivate their roots for stronger growth through providing crucial information pertaining to a land's geographic attributes. The concepts of rebuilding infrastructure and making a city look and feel greener is all easy to say, but the complex resource planning, sustainable growth measurements and overall social and economic effects will provide quite troublesome for project coordinators; this is why Azavea mobile applications are a significant way by which the professionals can have their questions answered.

An example of how Azavea has helped out would be the founder Cheetham's story. Cheetham worked to begin Azavea with a crime analysis system that would geographically help authority officials notice trends in crime and begin to be able to predict events to act before communities became endangered. The app went as far as allowing city officials and citizens to locate problematic areas and work towards making them safer.

Azavea mobile applications are both technologically advanced and build community, which foresees profound growth in not only superior geospatial planning but also promotes societal togetherness as shown by the crime analysis software.

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