Bucky Box Makes It Easier for Businesses and Customers

 - Jul 4, 2012
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Bucky Box is a New Zealand-based social enterprise that is making it easer to deliver organic groceries. This innovative software will cut down on time and errors -- making the business owner and the customer happy. The tool emerges alongside the growth of grocery schemes like community supported agriculture and other distribution models, which exist in many industrialized countries for organic food and non-organic food alike.

"The secret to shifting the world back to local and organic farming lies in economics," the team writes on its 'About' page. "We reckon the tipping point is around $200 per barrel of oil when organic becomes cheaper than industrially farmed food."

True to many contemporary definitions of social enterprise, this Aotearoa (that's Maori for New Zealand) company reinvests the majority of its profits back into organic food education, awareness and research.

You're able to register for a trial on its website.

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