From Polarizing Pink Jerseys to Minimalist Soccer Kits

 - Jul 23, 2014
The soccer jersey designs of teams have a lot of thought and effort put into them. Most of the world's big soccer teams have been around for ages -- many for over a century -- and their jersey colors and designs carry deep meaning for players and fans alike.

Most teams have a traditional color that is predominantly featured on their kits. These colors may be interpreted in a minimalist manner or in a bolder fashion to catch the eye.

In recent times, there has also been a growing trend of teams moving away from their traditional soccer jersey designs and boldly embracing new colors and patterns. Recent years have seen a spate of teams sporting bright pink and orange jerseys designed to make players -- as well as fans -- stand out while wearing them.

With replica soccer jersey sales forming a big part of teams' revenues, this could me a marketing tactic intended to make the jerseys more desirable to people across gender and age lines.