From Queer Dating Simulators to Tailored Gamer Backpacks

 - Sep 28, 2017
The September 2017 gaming trends are evidence that gaming is serious business, as if anyone needed any more evidence of that. With the gaming industry thriving, professional gamers making millions of dollars, and even traditional sports leagues investing in their virtual equivalents (as is the case with NBA teams building an NBA 2K e-sports league,) gaming is clearly more than just a goofy pastime today.

The seriousness of gaming is reflected in the various pieces of hardware included in the September 2017 gaming trends. From headphones to mice to keyboards, gaming peripherals are increasingly focused on providing users with the best possible performance, both in terms of ergonomic comfort and precision use.

Games themselves are geared toward more hardcore gamers as well. 'Assassin's Festival,' the mashup game merging 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Final Fantasy,' is specifically appealing to serious fans of the two franchises.