From Voice-Controlled Hotels to App-Connected Ovens

 - Sep 3, 2016
These September 2016 integrated tech trends reveal connections in even the most seemingly insignificant items -- with everything from hotel rooms to ovens being connected across different platforms. As the "Internet of Things" continues to prevail in trends related to technology, people's lives are becoming increasingly simplified.

An example of integrated technologies taking over many different platforms is the 'Project: Jetson,' a plan to create hotel rooms that can be controlled by guests' voices. Guests begin by having an iPad pick up the patterns of their voice and from there, are able to change the lighting, TV and the temperature of their rooms by simply speaking out loud.

The kitchen appliance brand Bosch reveals another example of the far reach of the "Internet of Things," releasing an oven that connects to an app that ensures precision when baking food. The appliance is reflective of the continuing shift towards unassuming objects becoming integrated into a new technological landscape.