From Fruity Wine Popsicles to Pineapple Sangria Punches

 - Jun 3, 2015
The sangria cocktails range from fruity wine popsicles to pineapple punch recipes. The go-to summer drink is a patio must-have whether people-watching in the city or lounging in your back yard. Originating in Spain, sangria blends together red or white wine with fresh fruit and fruit juices. These sangria cocktails range from traditional summer recipes to autumnal interpretations of the refreshing beverage.

They also include unconventional drink recipes like slushies and punch mixtures that are infused with gummy bear candy treats. In addition to homemade sangria concoctions, other standouts include recipes that are inspired by the iconic, summer drink.

From fruit salad cocktails to boozy pastries, food and mixology bloggers are experimenting with the popular drink in interesting ways. As millennials become more aware of these DIY drink recipes, they are likely to recreate them at home. These ideas are not only creative but are also budget-friendly.