From Industrial Rooftop Editorials to Breezy Rooftop Photography

 - Jun 12, 2013
The location of a fashion shoot is a significant factor when it comes to creating an overall theme, and these spectacular rooftop shoots are some excellant examples of how showcasing panoramic views can create a visually mesmerizing appearance.

Choosing to photograph a fashion spread or editorial on a rooftop is not the easiest of tasks, dealing with the unpredictable weather and skyscraper heights can be a challenge. The benefits of shooting in such a beautiful location however, seems to outweigh the negatives associated with it, capturing models in a realistic and utterly spectacular stance while looking beyond into the distance.

From secluded rooftop pool shoots to exotic rooftop editorials, these panoramic fashion shoots showcases how such a stunning location can have a severely huge impact on the reader.