- Apr 28, 2013
There is something about the arrival of spring that makes me feel like it's totally necessary to own and wear a pair of revamped classic sneakers.

If you agree with me than you will love these vibrantly revamped classic kicks. Even if you have never been into sports or have no intentions of jumping on the court anytime soon, there is sill a place for fresh kicks in your life.

Tying a pair of these sneakers onto your feet will make you feel like kicking it old school with a fresh new twist. From python-patterned luxury sneakers to low-rise vintage kicks, these finds demonstrate how once you find a pair you love you will never want to take them off.

Enjoy a way-back playback for your feet with revamped classic sneakers and take a stroll down memory lane.

From Electric Tangerine Throwback Kicks to Exotic Textured Footwear: