- Dec 18, 2015
These recreational vehicle concepts range from resilient bicycle hybrids to eco scooters that are designed for rough and rugged terrain. Along with the growing popularity of compact urban vehicles and safety-focused motorcycles, recreational three-wheelers are also on the rise and are designed with both comfort and convenience in mind.

Standouts include folding electric scooters like MUV-e's clever concept vehicle and even three-wheeler skateboards that offer a new level of balance and control. Other notable examples include amphibious tricycles that feature heightened safety features and speed capabilities along with versatile motorcycle racers that utilize a third wheel for sharper and smoother turns.

In addition to bicycles, scooters and water-compatible vehicles, these recreational vehicles also include efficient delivery scooters, three-wheeled food carts and even sight-seeing automobiles that are ideal for busy urban centers.

From Resilient Bicycle Hybrids to Customizable Electric Scooters: