These Recreational Vehicles Can Quickly Switch from Road to Water

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: gibbssports & gizmag
New Zealand entrepreneur Alan Gibbs is responsible for this latest release of recreational amphibious vehicles that can quickly travel both by land and by water.

These two- and three-wheeler bikes -- with just the simple push of a button -- transform into propulsion-powered jet skis in under five seconds. The three-wheeled 'Triski' model is actually able to reach speeds of 85 mph on land. When converted into water mode, the vehicle retracts and angles its wheels and is able to reach speeds of 40 mph.

The smaller and lighter two-wheeled 'Biski' is considerably more compact than other models of amphibious vehicles. The combination scooter and miniature jet ski design is actually street legal, and is only slightly slower than it's three-wheeled counterpart. With these unique recreational vehicles, riders can easily explore both land and sea in one innovative design.